“Sidetracked!” Trailer

Sidetracked! “ - a VR expedition designed for Oculus Rift - offers a free-spirited trek through a rambling landscape of deep woods, high cliffs, sunflower fields and sunlit beaches. It swings from wide-ranging vistas to detailed, intimate spaces. “Sidetracked!” also reveals the open secrets of unseen artists, musicians, and naturalists; travelers are allowed entry into their creative spaces. A replica of Aldo Leopold’s shack has been repurposed as an artist’s studio; inside, canvases of the virtual flora and fauna are being painted. Nearby is a writer’s retreat where pad, pencil, and typewriter are used to record daily phenomena. Further into the woods, a treehouse getaway holds a nature lover’s collection of specimens. Bell jars containing objects belonging in a “Cabinet of Curiosity” are secreted away inside a lifeguard tower. From time to time the landscape’s naturalism gives way to mysterious twilights where forests are charged with orbs of light, animals turn to crystal and fireflies spark the air. Voyagers explore the map by foot and by canoe where they can swim underwater and bob buoyantly on its surface. They can create and send post cards of favorite vistas to friends. Although there is a marked pathway to follow, getting off track is part of the fun. The player can explore for 30 minutes and still leave plenty for later discovery.