History and Development

Wonder [VR] Studio Demo. VR Meet-up, Madison, WI. January, 2016.

The photographs below capture the growth and development of Wonder [VR] Studio. In these photos, nature-based virtual reality environments are being viewed by children as well as tech savvy hipsters and lively retirees. Some people are experiencing them in the privacy of an office while others are learning about  our products at highly energized VR meet-up groups.

The history of Wonder [VR] Studio is also depicted in these photos. Blurring the lines between art and technology, Lisa A. Frank first created a virtual reality art exhibition in December, 2011 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. <1>:”der"//pattern for a virtual environment transformed some of her 2D artwork into explorable 3D environments specifically designed for the fully immersive experience of a CAVE™.

Working with visualization specialists at the University of Illinois during 2011-2012, this virtual reality art work was further transformed with a jerry-rigged head mounted display made of components held together with duct tape.

Wonder [VR] Studio has received financial resources and business mentorship from D2P (Discovery to Product) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.